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Costalegre of Jalisco gets revitalized with new investments

Posted by admin on December 5, 2022

Hello everyone!
A few weeks ago, I spoke to you in this column about the enormous potential of the Riviera
Nayarit as a destination with great potential to invest in Real Estate in Mexico. Well, this time I will
take you to the other extreme: the Costalegre or Costa Alegre de Jalisco, an extension of more
than 300 kilometers with 43 beaches, capes and bays located between Manzanillo and Puerto
Made up of five coastlines: Barra de Navidad, Tenacatita, Costa Careyes, Bahía de Chamela and
Costa Majahuas, the Costalegre is currently in the development stage with a view to becoming one
of the great international tourist destinations, with super-luxury investments from international
hotel chains such as One&Only, Four Seasons and Louis Vuitton’s Cheval Blanc, to mention a few,
which are currently developing 18 projects with a mix of national and foreign investment.
It is precisely one of these chains, Four Seasons, in partnership with Paralelo 19, which has set the
tone for the takeoff of the Barra de Navidad coastline, with the inauguration last month of its Four
Seasons Resort Tamarindo property, located in a reserve nature of 1,220 hectares.
Such is the beauty and potential of this region that experts in tourism and real estate have
described it as a “diamond in the rough”, and expected to be the future of beach destinations in
Personally, I am glad to see the takeoff of this tourist corridor, so many times reinvented and
forgotten by previous governments, which has finally been looked at again. One of the problems it
had faced is the lack of connectivity since until now, visitors on commercial flights must arrive at
the Manzanillo or Puerto Vallarta airport. Fortunately, and as a sign of the special interest that the
current state administration has placed on the Costalegre, a new investment was announced in
August 2021 for the Chalacatepec airport, located in the heart of the region, which will allow
national planes to arrive there more easily.
On that date, the governor of the state of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, presented the Regional
Plan for Costalegre Jalisco, which includes Chalacatepec as its masterpiece, with an investment of
62 million pesos, a project that integrates 16 initiatives and a portfolio of 35 projects of the plan
already executed and others in the process of execution for an amount of 1 thousand 495 million
pesos, among which is the expansion and modernization of federal highway 200, which runs from
Puerto Vallarta to Barra de Navidad. In the medium term for the year 2024-2026, 910 million
pesos more of public and private investment would be added for other projects.
This investment gives us an idea of ​​what is coming for the Costalegre and of the great importance
it has not only for Jalisco, but for all of Mexico, and that is that, in addition to its undeniable
natural beauties, this region has been able to remain almost virgin, perhaps precisely because of

its isolation and its lack of air connectivity, but I am certain that once the airport is operational,
takeoff will be spectacular.
However, we must not forget that it is precisely that magical feeling of isolation, the privacy of
places like Careyes or Bahía de Chamela, where visitors can really disconnect from the rest of the
world and rest, -in a very high-profile market, where polo and horse-riding sports, and golf, are the
main attractions- which is attracting the most demanding tourists and buyers.
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