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Advantages of investing in the Mexican Pacific coast

Posted by admin on March 4, 2022

How to know which is the best destination to invest? Choosing a destination where investors can trust to build the place tourists dream of is no easy task. Well, let me tell you, the Mexican Pacific coast offers incomparable advantages.

One of this advantages is that it offers the investors the chance to choose either the harmonious fusion of traditional architecture in front of the beach or the modern condominiums in the charming coastal towns; this brings us to the Bay of Banderas, one of the most impressive regions of the Mexican Pacific.

In front of this bay, considered as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, reside two internationally recognized destinations, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, they are located in a strategic geographic location which means they are better protected against storms or hurricanes than other states near the Gulf of México or the Caribbean.

Air connectivity is excellent from main cities in the United States and Canada and its ground connectivity is constantly growing. Puerto Vallarta is also recognized among the 10 main ports for the arrival of cruise ships in México.

The conditions for rest, outdoor sports, recreation, leisure and holidays is another of its advantages, perfect for people who are looking for places to relax and forget about the stress of living in a big city.

With great tourist developments and really competitive investment costs, it’s no surprise that many investors are checking out the region, and the majority of American and Canadian retirees are also considering buying their second home there.

On top of that, Banderas Bay has a perfect weather with an average daily temperature of 25° C from November to May with very little chance of precipitation.

This region has one of the the highest economic growth in the country because of its security, which is another of its attributes.

Finally, we need to highlight the great added value of real estate investments, size and strength of the inside market with goods and services that make for a pleasant and exclusive lifestyle, within an environment of tranquility and stability.

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