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Romantic Zone, with all the essence of “old Vallarta”

Posted by admin on November 25, 2022

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to talk about one of the most dynamic and cosmopolitan areas of Puerto Vallarta, the so-called Romantic Zone, located to the south of the historic center of the city and limited to the west by the iconic Los Muertos beach.

It is a neighborhood full of contrast and diversity made up of three areas, the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood, Olas Altas and a part of the Center, a combination of the traditional with the modern that, even with all the changes that it has had in the last decade, It still preserves the essence of “old Vallarta” from the 50s and 60s.

The Romantic Zone is also known as the “artistic zone” for its high number of art galleries, museums and shows, and for its narrow-cobbled streets where there is the highest concentration of cafes, bars, shops and restaurants per square meter. from the city. Everything happens there!

Of course, the gastronomic offer is one of the most varied. High-quality restaurants offer Mexican, international, and even vegan cuisine, as well as street stalls selling tacos, ceviches, snacks, and traditional drinks. And if we talk about bars, nightclubs and other places of entertainment, here there is a wide range of experiences for all tastes, with a marked popularity among the LGBT+ community that has made the area its stronghold.

Another important attraction of this part of the city are the beaches, which are among the most popular, such as Los Muertos, Olas Altas, Las Amapas and further south Conchas Chinas, which can be reached on foot. In fact, in this area you will not need a car since everything is close and accessible, although it is not a place to be peaceful but rather for action.

Among the must-sees in the Romantic Zone is Los Muertos beach with its newly remodeled pier, by award-winning architect Jesús Torres Vega. Of course, you should not miss the restaurant area facing the sea, from where you can watch the most extraordinary sunsets.

A place to visit and live

Well, with all these attractions, it is not surprising that the Romantic Zone is experiencing an unprecedented real estate boom, between houses of traditional Mexican architecture and condominium buildings of contemporary architecture, positioning itself as a place that is not only worth visiting, but a great place to live.

An example of this boom is that it currently has the most expensive square meter “not facing the sea” in the country, with prices comparable to what Polanco is in Mexico City and well above Andares in Guadalajara, with prices between 4 and 5 thousand dollars per square meter, although there are still small and medium-sized apartments, and some typical Vallarta houses with views of the mountains, with prices in the mid-range, very accessible.

So, if you really want to enjoy the true “Vallarta” experience, then the Romantic Zone is for you. I recommend you discover its small cafes, restaurants, galleries, boutiques and its vibrant and cosmopolitan nightlife.

Now, if you are really thinking about investing and retiring here, contact me and I will tell you more about why this neighborhood is one of the favorites to live in Puerto Vallarta.

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